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Training program Story Telling

Story telling is psychology of selling at the highest level

Life consists of stories. Stories touch people and involve them. In this sales training, we want to show our attendees how to explain a product by a story and how to evoke interest in it.
You do not act as a calculating salesman but rather as an enthusiastic employee.

Making emotions profitable

The objective of this action is to approach the customer and explain the benefits of the product in a most vivid and comprehensible way. This sales training is not meant to teach your employees to invent suitable stories, but how to positively highlight real events in the context of the product and to reflect this intelligently.


Everybody loves a good story

It makes you think, laugh and sometimes even cry.

Therefore stories represent an efficient tool to deliberately trigger emotions. For this very reason we at alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS have started to tell stories and to test their impact in sales pitches.
Because each purchase decision is accompanied by emotions. We firmly believe that positive emotions in the sales pitch significantly contribute to finalize the sale. Research studies in this area confirm this statement. Fact sheets and simple arguments are indeed essential to prove ones conviction but after the pitch, customers will remember a good story.
There are many areas where story telling can be productively employed: Acquisition of new customers, referral marketing, customer service, cross-selling, complaint calls, objection handling or closing.
In all these areas, your employees will benefit from the skills of this sales training and will be able to raise customer awareness.

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Offering added value to the customers

Customers are people – and people love stories

Sociological studies regularly confirm that the power of a story is of great importance in the evolution and often they go back to cave paintings. Children love to listen to stories before they fall asleep, adults love to read an exciting novel or watch a gripping movie. Stories help us to better understand contexts, thus calming us. They explain the world to us and provide examples by means of experience of life of other people.

This is exactly what we want to exploit in the slaes pitch

We will integrate the product in an exciting, gripping environment to help customers understand the purpose and idea behind the product and thus the benefit for their individual business model. A customer who enjoys himself in the sales pitch will see the product and his business model in a better light.

The customer will not look for reasons to buy your product but rather for reasons not do it.

Strenghten your business model in an intelligent way

The American company Apple own their success among other to excellent story telling concerning the individual features of their products. Therefore, technical possibilities available to other manufacturers were highlighted by fascinating and exciting examples and stories about the application and philosophy. This also implied the natural predisposition of mankind to listen to stories and to identify with them and this in a clever way of reinforcing the business model.

Concept creation

Take advantage of the experience of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and request an individual concept.

Just make sure your employees get the same chance by attending this sales training

The possibility of being remembered in a more durable and convincing way by the customers through skilful positioning in the sales pitch.
For this action, our trainers have dealt extensively with the economic and sociological fundamentals of storytelling and have built the training based on several Clusters:

  • Stories about the company and/or the founder that shall help to better understand the basic idea of the product.
  • Stories about the product itself that shall illustrate the purpose and the advantages against the competition.
  • Motivating stories so that people link the product to positive qualities.
  • Stories that tell about the way the products help linking people.
  • Stories that help to refute the customer’s objections and to overcome the buying resistance.

Customers often ask us how to effectively implement story telling in sales

Everybody knows an exciting story about the development of the company or about situations when the product or service was especially appreciated. Unfortunately, most sellers do not know how to implement this potential in a productive way. By testing our approach you will create an interesting and positive corporate identity for your business model.

Advanced marketing starts with professional story telling

Let us support you in this area and you will enable your employees to take another step towards sales excellence. We are convinced that the closing rate of your employees will improve through positive emotions in the sales pitch.

Possible contents of the story-telling training

What is story telling?

  • Definition, structure, obstacles and chances
  • Use in sales and distribution

Get into the mind of your customer!

  • Your interlocutor will not Forget easily…
  • More Courage in the sales pitch – courageous stories for day-to-day sales

There is more than product knowledge

  • Stories to sell the proper product even more successfully
  • Specific and successful examples from the practice

Stories that can be used

  • Values, philosphy, culture and attitude
  • Technology, application, figures, data and facts

Story telling using the iPad

  • The iPad pitch: 3 slides (pictures) and your Story is perfect!
  • Proper use of the iPad and other instruments in story telling

How to pack complex situations in a story

  • Construction of appealing mini stories
  • Conveying mini stories

How to make a story out of a presentation

  • Stories instead of boredom and Isolation from too much objectivity
  • Story Telling using the iPad in 1:1 presentations

Techniques of story telling

  • Metaphors, examples, experiences and anecdotes
  • Introduction, main part, action and conclusion
  • Story pitching – how to improve your next pitch

How to integrate story telling in a string of convictions/arguments?

  • Stories as parables that convince the audience
  • Positive and negative stories – which one to employ for which purpose?

Ways of story telling

  • Stories of companies, businessmen, products, education and connections
  • Stories to overcome objections and to motivate purchasing

Successfully deal with specific situations in the sales pitch

  • Dealing with objections, defending prices, designing the closing, generating recommendations
  • Story telling in the acquisition process of new customers

Our sales training: Application on the ground

  • Working out your own stories for sales practice
  • Application of your own story

This training will be adjusted to your need as a one or several days in house event We are happy to send you our individual offer!

Upgrade your sales pitch with more emotions – say goodbye to boredom!

Full authenticity for full impact

How to develop sustainable sales stories? Stories that make the customer desire the product and increase his will to purchase. From philosophy and culture to technology and application From data and figures to your personal story.
There are many possibilities that will be developed together with the attendees to be able to guarantee maximum authenticity in day-to-day use. Different kinds of company, businessmen, product, education and connective stories referring to specific sales situations will be linked to proven techniques of storytelling. Examples include dealing with objections, justifying prices, closing, generating recommendations or effective tools for the acquisition of new customers.

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Bored customers are not an option for us

Of course we will adjust this training exactly according to your individual need as a one day or several days in house event.

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