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Our range of trainings for increasing sales performance in the retail industry

In the retail industry, tiny factors decide on success or failure of a seller.

When a customer enters the shop, this represents just an initial situation. The difference to an agreed sales pitch lies in the motivation of the customer because his interest and his willingness to buy might just be an idea.

Often it is the seller who generates the sale out of this delicate constellation. In our sales training for the retail industry, we want to show you how to succeed.

The success of a seller is only based on the customer’s requests.

Disclosing them is one of the most important tasks of the seller in any situation. In retail, special rules are applied that need a specific way of approaching. Thus, the first impression is crucial.

In this sales training we want to teach our attendees to create an atmosphere at the first visual contact that will make sure the customer is enthusiastic and you are able to even surpass his expectations.

Together with the attendees of our sales trainings, we want to build a basic structure that will give them security and thus enable excellence.

For this reason, we focus our attention in the sales training on proven sales techniques for the retail industry and additional methods such as cross-selling or high selling, but also on personal aspects such as appearance, body language or the perfect welcome.

We at alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS are convinced that in the retail industry, these soft factors are likewise important for sales as hard professional competence.

Precisely for this reason, the retail industry is considered a discipline that is hard to understand.

Once you have understood what matters, a precious advantage for your business model can be generated from this little transparency. In this sales training, we want to help our attendees to understand this and enable them to quickly build a positive relationship to the customer.

And this even or just when the conditions do not seem to be ideal due to the strong frequency, common disturbances/distractions and high customer expectations. Because our sales training for retail is fundamentally based on real conditions.

All of these are reasons why the retail industry substantially differs from the field of business customers and why a lot of experience is needed for the success in sales seminars.

Obviously, our retail trainers are professionals in sales and absolutely familiar with handling end customers in day-to-day business.


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Modern concepts for a lasting effect

 Of course, customer service will never be the only guarantee for growth.

Nevertheless, successful integration of sales into your business model will ensure you a substantial potential for growth.

Our first requirement is a maximum of reference to the particularities of your industry and your business model. We will analyse your point of view and will build our training based on it in order to guarantee the best possible impact.

This will create the opportunity to sustainably improve the competencies of our attendees necessary for consultancy and selling skills without losing track of your business model and your profit.

Because this is what we consider the decisive factor: Your profit.

Sustainability will arise by paying attention to and productively working on the individual problems of the participant and those of the company in the sales training.

This will enable a mutual organic development and thus maximum effect of the sales training.

Of course, there is always a risk that even the best training concept will fall into oblivion when the attendees are back in their usual surrounding and revert to their former sales patterns.

Keyword comfort zone

We at alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS are aware of this and believe that we were able to identify these “transfer killers” over the years and to develop successful strategies against them.

Therefore, training concepts with more depths have been developed that shall steal the thunder of old habits. And we succeeded.

Right from the start, the notion of sustainability and the philosophy developed around it has belonged to our trainings concept and has positively influenced the long-term effect on our customers.

This approach is and has always been different from most sales trainings and especially concerning the retail industry.

We have developed our own systems and approaches both for the content design and the training script that will reach our attendees much more effectively than traditional standard methods.


Successful sales techniques in the retail industry

  • The most important techniques and methods
  • Application without pretendings; self-motivation is essential!

Appearance, clothing and body language

  • Further develop personal effects. How to optimise my Impact on the customer?
  • Using facial expressions and gestures o improve the effect

Correct welcoming and perception of the customer in the field

  • Customer-friendly Service from the beginning (a smile in visual contact)
  • Professional behaviour during the first seconds

Active customer contact

  • Alternatives to “How can I help you” when starting a conversation
  • Friendliness and sympathy are no coincidence!

Successful identification of the customer’s ´needs

  • Questioning techniques that are popular with customers
  • The visual aspect is key to sales; the seller should have a well-trained eye

Methods of additional selling (cross-selling)

  • Successfully offer additional products /articles
  • Without pressure and stress

Methods of up-selling

  • How does up-selling work
  • Mistakes that can be avoided

Product presentation and arguments

  • Structuring my line of argument – what do I have to keep in mind?
  • Use of the M-N-V formula: convincing the customer more swiftly

Commitment and appreciation in the sales pitch

  • Selling in a friendly way will increase customer satisfaction
  • Keeping eye contact with and being focused on the customer (being able to convey delight)

Develop the pleasure of spending money

  • Increasing the desire to obtain goods
  • Being able to focus on the priorities of the customer

The sales pitch as an event

  • Fascinating product presentation, the proper way of dealing with the product
  • Conversations that get under your skin; skilfully bridge gaps in conversation

Emotions in customer contact

  • The 10 EVA rules put into practice
  • What makes the difference

Handling critical conversations with customers

  • Successfully deal with objections and complaints
  • Adequately react to customers and situations

What to do and not to do in a sales pitch

  • Wordings not belonging to a correct sales pitch
  • How to increase the pleasure of purchasing

Don’t miss the conclusion in a sales pitch

  • Discrete formulations accepted by the customers
  • The perfect termination of a sales pitch / best departure

An individual objective needs an individual approach

In order to efficiently integrate all of these findings in your training, an intensive briefing is necessary. This will result in the identification of the areas of focus of the training.

By analysing your business model and your needs in detail we are able to exactly choose these focus areas and to directly control the achievement of your individual target.

Various instruments such as mystery shopping, input of the contracting authority or our experience are additional contents of this analysis.

Because an individual objective always requires an individual approach.

This is what we think and consider as an advantage of our work:

Despite our formats that have been tested and proven hundreds of times, we are still able to provide our customers with a tailor-made training.

So that finally we achieve the optimum performance-enhancing solution for your specific problem.

Analysis and experience

Authentic behaviour combined with effective sales techniques are critical for salesmen and saleswomen in direct contact with customers.

In the past, we have implemented many successful projects for the retail industry and are convinced that this combination is crucial.

Also our customers confirm this again and again.

Following our training, we usually conduct neutral studies in the form of mystery shopping in order to check for sustainable impact.

Regularly, the potential of sellers we were able to activate is demonstrated.

In addition, improvements made can be measured by customer surveys. We are proud to continuously receive confirmation of a positive rewarding effect.

This way we do have the opportunity to steadily improve our services in order to keep up to date in the area of sales all the time.

In the following segments of the retail industry we were able to develop experience:

Textile, furniture, DIY stores, furnishing, automotive, jewellery & watches, cosmetics, electronics, department stores, mobile communications. Optics, sporting goods and lifestyle.

We train and coach both in the field and in concept stores.

We adjust our retail seminar like all of our trainings to your individual needs and continuously have to check it against our AMBM system  – Achievements Must Be Measurable.

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