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Unpleasant and tedious?

The contents of management and sales trainings are very often based on behaviour. This means that the attendees are expected to change their individual managerial or communication behaviour. The first motivation for behaviour change can be recognised at the time of the training and maybe during a short while afterwards, but euphoria quickly dissolves into the day-to-day business: Stress caused by too many tasks and busy schedules cannot just be turned off – it belongs to current professional life. The speed of learning and change will suffer considerably.

Huge expense and no recompense?

Is this the typical swan song on the last training you and your collaborators attended? In case you compare it to the time and money spent, you will not be satisfied. The question remains: What to do now? More of the same or something completely different?

Behavioural change without being noticeable!

But what about the contents that have been tediously conveyed during the last seminar? Will they be reflected again next weekend? Will implementation take place by magic? In the end, everybody has created a final action plan including a definite to do list in the last seminar! That remains to be seen – and finally, there is no change to be recognised in the other attendees.

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Lack of investment protection

What is missing is a professional follow-up after the training or seminar! In our understanding, this means a regular, short pause and dealing with the most important key learnings of the training. A momentum set by the trainer who is remembered positively and who will use this in order to remind of the training contents and their implementation.

Out of this need, we have developed our solution – bearing the name: „Blink & Think®“.

What is Blink & Think®?

  • An amplification of sustainability that we will use as a follow-up to our sales and management trainings
  • in order to keep in touch with the attendees and to keep the learning curve active and at a high level,
  • to further support them in their efforts for behavioural change,
  • not to allow them to “forget” training contents and to motivate them to continue this way and
  • to share implementation experiences from newly learned topics with trainers and colleagues.
  • In particular, Blink & Think® focuses on “behaviour critical” training contents, which are crucial for the overall success of the implementation.

How does Blink and Think® work?

Preliminary note: An easy technical handling is important for acceptance on the attendees’ side: No platform with tedious log in and passwords!

  • For example, we will define 10 specific key learnings from management and sales training that are particularly important and therefore binding for the attendees.
  • After the presence phase of the training, attendees will receive emails at irregular intervals that take 1 to 2 minutes to be read.
  • These emails are structured as follows: Heading of a key learning from training – descriptive short text of the content – final questions with reference to personal implementation (text and scale).
  • The attendees will be asked to answer the question in one sentence and to specify the success of implementation on a 0 to 10 scale.
  • Results for the attendees’: a) reminiscence of the trained key learning, b) short content explanation, c) opinion/feedback of one’s own implementation.
  • As a result, we will achieve a stronger reinforcement of the dosed training contents by the important effect of repetition.
  • Technically, we have the opportunity to collect the self-assessments of the attendees (anonymised) and to evaluate them as an analysis of implementation for our customer.

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