House of Empowerment®

Illustration of the House of Empowerment

In this in-house development program managers are enabled to empower their staff.

Empowerment refers to:

  • More personal initiative and self-responsibility
  • More creativity and openness for new ideas
  • More focus on performance and commitment
  • Higher loyalty to the company and the management
  • Fewer crises and conflicts

Overall, this means better performance throughout the Organisation.

In a first step, the leadership competencies will be measured with reference to their ability to empower the staff members. To do this, the methods of a) self-image, b) anonymous employee survey and c) depth psychological interview are available. This results in an overall Picture that will be represented as a result in the form of a House of Empowerment®.

House of Empowerment® is our registered trademark.

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Procedure and functioning

Between the first and the second measurement of the empowerment competencies, 6-day workshops will be implemented. There, managers will be trained in small groups according to actual requirements. This way, strengths (green) shall be consolidated and deficits (red) shall be reduced.

In addition, each manager will receive his/her individual training plan: Specific “homework” for the period between the workshops and after completion of the program will ensure the successful long term transfer of practice for more employee empowerment.

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