Offer special training to ambitious participants

You are looking for a completely new training format and are also prepared to try new methods of further education? You want to provide successful managers and vendors with new perspectives and dismiss pointing fingers etc.?

Or simply: You want to offer a special training to ambitious attendees?

You will highly appreciate our REALITY PARCOURS® as your internal training!

Concept creation

Take advantage of the experience of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and request an individual concept.

REALITY PARCOURS®: Self-awareness of your employees

This format is aimed to raise self-awareness and to activate the attendees. Providing certain number of analysed role simulations, the attendees will get to know – together with our trainer and a professional actor – best practices for day-to-day business.

REALITY PARCOURS® is a registered trade mark of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS GmbH


  • It will create positive energy for change tasks to come
  • The commitment of the attendees will become perceptible
  • Changes will be considered as chances and challenges
  • They will be able to work out their proper solutions
  • They are prepared to implement new approaches and ways of behaviour

Procedure and functioning

All attendees will go through the different Parcours stations where specific and challenging real situations are simulated.

Examples of completed REALITY PARCOURS®


  • Competitive positioning of my offer in the sales discussion
  • Dealing with difficult conversation scenarios, objections and complaints
  • Convincing behaviour in situations that are critical to success


  • Successfully steer and accompany changes
  • Design staff and target- setting discussions in order to motivate the employees
  • Professionally develop management style and management techniques

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The REALITY PARCOURS®: Inversion of didactics:

Participating in the REALITY PARCOURS® will lead to a change in behaviour

In terms of didactics, regular training formats for the sustainable change in behaviour will increasingly reach their limits. In particular, there is no practical orientation and the attendees do not think about their personal behaviour or derive specific measures concerning their individual change.

With the new concept of the REALITY PARCOURS® we present a proven format for sustainable changes in attitude and behaviour. In particular, it is focused on individual self-awareness and moderated reflection.

In addition, scientific studies demonstrate the effects of experience-orientated didactics: Transfer performance (Quick Wins) and sustainability will increase at a rapid pace!

The main highlights of the REALITY PARCOURS®

  • Inversion of didactics: From Push to Pull
  • Self-awareness is stronger than any hint!
  • Higher degree of realisation through real-world examples derived from day-to-day practice of the attendees.
  • Communication of strong images with a lasting effect
  • High impact: The change gets right under your skin and strikes you!
  • Moderated and targeted exchange of experience among the attendees
  • Consideration of best practices of the attendees’ best practices (cooperative learning)
  • Clear communication of self-developed key learnings
  • Destruction of expectations “and yet another seminar….”
  • No discussion about sense or non-sense of the content, but “It comes from us!”
  • More exciting than a game of Monopoly!

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