Conducting sales pitches

Training program Successfully conduct sales pitches

The sales pitch will decide on success or failure of the seller

And thus also on success or failure of the product. Each sales pitch can be set up according to clear principles. Unfortunately, in day-to-day business those are hardly considered or not correctly implemented. Often, the customer will receive the offer without a definite analysis of his specific situation and the resulting needs.

So the customer will hardly be able to understand the purpose of the product and will not be convinced of it.

Trained sellers will apply specific parameters in order to understand the customers’ needs and will therefore be able to provide him with the best possible offer. In our sales pitch training, attendees will learn these procedures and their professional application.

All of the aspects of a sales pitch will be discussed

… and each item will be detailed – starting from the preparation through to the closure.

It is very important to exclude any disturbance right from the start and as far as possible and to systematically avoid them. This includes everyday situations such as time pressure, stress, lateness and diversions, but also specific conversations, i.e. objections, counterclaims, lack of interest, of documents and of objectivity.

All of these items have been decomposed and rebuilt by our team in order to comprehensively understand the trigger and to be able to treat the resulting problems from the scratch. Each seller has his own individual weaknesses and strengths, advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless we at alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS are convinced to have discovered and developed a universal system for a successful sales pitch. It will enable our attendees to firmly control the conversation and to guide the customer.

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Without a reasonable preparation even the best seller will not be able to conduct a perfect conversation

There will always be a risk of the customer coming out with an unforeseen request and the seller will always have this risk in mind. This is why proper preparation will not only support our attendees by being prepared for any situation regarding the substance but will also give them piece of mind that will arise from this knowledge.

From this position, an active conversation as we imagine it, will be possible

It is not difficult to dominate a conversation by aggression. The art is to meet the customer on an emotional and thus equal level. The customer will then be able to feel he is understood and will be convinced to be offered a solution to his specific problem.

The sales pitch: emotional openness is prerequisite

This openness will enable the participant to effectively use the questionnaires and strategies developed by us and to ask the right questions at the right time. There is hardly anything that will provide the customer with more confidence than a sensible question and the resulting finding that the seller has understood his business model. He will be sure to be with the right person and to be able to delegate some of his responsibility. The client will feel well.

Concept creation

Take advantage of the experience of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and request an individual concept.

That is why in-depth and productive questions are that important

But first of all you have to learn asking them. And this is where we from alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS come into play. By our procedures, your employees will be provided with new abilities which will enable them to analyse the customer’s needs in a more professional and sustainable way.
All of the formulations that will give an optimum overview of the product or the service to the customer and that will allow him to use his business model will create an unforeseen performance in the sales pitch. Thus, our attendees can analyse the need and even increase the need or complete raise it.

A discussion of the seller that is too passive…

… will result in topics not developing the way the seller expected them to. Nevertheless, an active discussion must be learned in order to develop its complete potential. The product must be approached to the customer and his wishes and the resulting possibility to ask specific questions at the right time. We are convinced to be able to qualify you.

Typical contents of a sales pitch training

Preparing the sales pitch
•  What can I actually prepare myself for?
• How does reasonable preparation work – what do I have to think of?

The 4 phases of a sales pitch as structural aid and thread
• From the beginning to completion – how do I actively start the phases
• Active discussion without the seller dominating the customer

Emotionality in the sales pitch
• How does emotionality really work in the sales pitch?
• How to influence a purchase decision by emotions

Questioning technique – types of questions: How to perfectly conduct a discussion
• Bringing together the forms and strategies of questions
• Fascination of strong and productive questions – that’s what makes the difference!

Raising needs, analysis of needs and benefit development
• Professional analysis of the specific need and the actual requirements
• Perfect formulations to render product characteristics useful

Elaboration of endurance, resistance and courage
• Performance through the perfect appearance and start
• What makes the difference between other sellers and yourself?

Skilfully managing customer questions and objections
• Positively use objections as a sales support
• Recognising completion signals of the customers and skilfully use them for conclusion

This training is geared to specific conversational situations with potential customers

It is based on your reality.

Therefore, this training is also suitable for the targeted use prior to important presentations. By giving essential feedback to each topic, your assertiveness and power of conviction in this and the following conversational situations will increase. Our attendees will lay the foundation to their success in sales and thus to the success of the company.

Take advantage of the customer’s objections and the completion signals he shows to you.

Watch every move of your costumer and you will be able to actively benefit from the chances given to you. If the seller understands the customer’s situation, is convinced of the advantages of his product and has the crucial capacity to sustainably moderate in the conversation, a successful completion will not remain a desire but the logical consequence.

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