8×4 Performance Program®

Perfection to the last degree.

The 8×4 Performance Program® has been especially designed for particularly sustainable and in-house personnel development measures. The name is derived from the number of trainings (8) – we talk about “performance workshops” – and their duration (4 hours).

The designation 8×4 Performance Program® is proprietary and a registered brand.

The interval-oriented approach improves the efficiency of learning, interconnects contents in a timely manner with practical implementation and ensures greater sustainability of the behavioral changes of the attendees.

The contents of the workshops are aligned to the requirements and performance aims of the customers.

Extract of projects already realised


  • Acquisition concept for premium customers: Gaining demanding customers for the companies and its performances.
  • Building and deepening relationships: How to intensify customer relationships and take advantage of dormant sales potential.
  • Emotional Selling Skills: Removing sales barriers and increasing completion rates.


  • Change Management: Successfully monitor and actively control change projects.
  • Excellence Leadership: Actively guide employees and achieve objectives by working together.
  • Development of high performance teams: Increasing performances of teams or project groups.

Concept creation

Take advantage of the experience of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and request an individual concept.

In the performance workshops, participants work on their specific real cases. The implementation and/or application of the contents learned will be done (the same day) in day-to-day business.

This will increase the motivation for implementation and raise the will to improve performances.

Specially trained instructors will provide the training concerning our 8×4 Performance Programs. The implementation requires great experience with regard to the didactic design of the individual workshops. In the preparatory phase, we will select the topics and key learnings in collaboration with our customer.

Motivation of the participants is key to success: Primarily, people will be motivated by their own results!

During the workshops, the participants will execute accompanying tasks and will be supported by our instructors.

Why do regular trainings fail?

Studies show it time and again: “regular” trainings will not have any (or only very little) sustainable effect. Very soon, the attendees will forget the lessons learned or have not learned them thoroughly.

Often, the contents are overloaded and will have no effect at all.

Measurable and sustainable improvement of performances

A measurable improvement of the employee performance is key to success!

Our didactic process is specifically designed and corresponds to the latest scientific findings. This will ensure a sustainable change of the attendees’ behaviour and lead to greater success.

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