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The value of a company is measured by its success. The foundation of this success is an excellent product. But a product can only excel if it has a clear position on the market. To effectively and sustainably place a product on the market, an excellent sales or distribution organisation is needed.

Due to decades of experience in the field of sales training, alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS are convinced to be able to provide you with a crucial advantage over your competitors.

To realise this objective, our sales trainings rely on belief, experience and the resulting efficiency. Of course this is always against the background of practical implementation.

In sales, the moment is crucial

In hardly any other area, so many design possibilities on such compressed space play a crucial role as in the sales pitch. It decided whether or not your distribution management is effective.

Sales strategy, sales process, sales organisation and sales communication are elementary points for your success.


Sales training as an investment in your employees

With our sales training, we offer you the opportunity to innovatively and effectively invest in your sales staff. And to give them a change not only to improve themselves but also to rebuild the strategy of their sales pitches on a new and solid framework. It is this framework and much more that we offer you in our sales Trainings.

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Why should I offer a sales training to my employees?

We want to show your employees to actively use their existing potential in order to verifiably increase their individual success and that of the company.

Our trainings are mainly designed for sellers, customer consultants, sales reps, sales agents and account managers. These positions are crucial when a customer of is to be convinced of a product or a service.

Individual sales trainings for individual problems

A universal strategy, tactics or method for all companies does not exist. Those you promise this solution as “magic” to their participants either exaggerates or does not understand the market.

Each business model and each product is different, even if they seem alike.

Each time, the settings are different and ask for an individual solution.

This is one of our most important concerns: To our customers, we guarantee a sales training that exactly corresponds to their market situation and the specific requirements of their company.

We take the time to disclose their individual success factors and to prioritise them.

Your sales training: Individual analysis for individual solutions

To build such a sales training, a thorough analysis of their business model is required. First of all, this includes the size of your company, the target group on the market, specifications of your product and your current market share. Together with you, we will decide on the selection of adequate training contents and formats.


Concept creation

Take advantage of the experience of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and request an individual concept.

An adequate sales training

Complaints management, acquisition, top level selling or a special format for the Chinese market – alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS has the adequate sales training for any sales relevant area.

In each training, we will focus on professional preparation, implementation and follow-up of the sales pitches. This will result in the best possible match of the desired and sustainable success of your distribution organisation.

Comprehensive consultancy for your sales training

As you can see, we seek to ensure the ideal evaluation of your individual business model and to find out the details that need improvement. Thus we can provide each participant with an individual solution to his problem and possibly demonstrate critical areas to him that he didn’t know about before.

To make this possible, we also take into account “hard factors” in our sales and distribution trainings.

This includes digital transformation in distribution (i.e. use of tablets), changes due to multi-channel distribution (synchronisation of communication), the fastest reaction possible even for increasingly complex demands of the customers (with simultaneous specialisation), transparency in prices and offers (via the Internet) or liability risks (keyword customer compliance).

In order not to hastily count on the implementation of a training, we want to introduce the three decisive KPIs to our participants by a professional preparation:

  • Sales process
  • Sales performance
  • Sales result

The perfect sales training

The perfect sales training should consider and differentiate these parameters. This is why the influence of our training on your operational result is measurable and traceable. The points to be upgraded are clearly defined.

Our sales trainings provide you with innovative approaches to the sales process

We don’t deal with classical sales strategies and methods any more but continuously try to introduce new aspects to our trainings. To do this, we also use social science and psychological studies and investigations.

In recent years, the following topics played an increasingly important role in our sales trainings:

  • Neuro-science: We want to understand the fundamental characteristics of the people in order to conclude how and why the decisions are made. Because in an abstract sense, the purchase of a product simply represents a decision. By our findings in this area we can enable our attendees to foresee decisions of the customer and to positively influence them.
  • Customer typology: Understanding the different types of customers and master them will thoroughly simplify an effective relationship management. It will help our attendees to learn reaching people more effectively and more successfully.
  • Mindfulness and authenticity: Both of the terms represent important key factors of sustainable and successful selling. For our customers will be able to show the customer honest and compelling appreciation – despite the time and performance pressure. This is crucial for everybody who wants to successfully sell products. This is what we are convinced of.
  • Mental fitness: Too little commitment and too much ambition is dangerous for the success in sales. In order to have sales calls with fun and motivation, an important balance is needed generating the necessary strength and energy for this busy industry. The will to success is kept on a sound and appropriate track and does not risk weakening the employees.

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We support and advise you in planning your training!

Our sales trainings: We only win if you win

This sustainable way of working is our most important objective.

Everything else is derived from it and has to produce a tangible output for you. This is the only way our self-perception can exist permanently.

Represent a true partner in Sales Excellence to your company

This is the way that Alexander Verweyen has been working for more than 25 years.

We are glad to develop the perfect and tailor-made concept for your individual needs in collaboration with you. You are invited to get an overview of our services. All of our formats are designed to be universally employed with any content.

Content and training format always go hand in hand.

Your needs for a sales training present our orientation.

Industries, markets and business models differ from each other. The tools your employees need to further establish your company and to position your product more effectively on the market also differ from each other.

An employee in the retail industry always has a different starting situation than a key account manager. This must be understood and implemented in the sales training.


Effective sales trainings

This is the only way we can effectively work on your corporate culture, your structures, strategies and your target group. Because this is what characterises your company. Your unique corporate identity is a very important level for us and will be included in all of our trainings as a success factor. At the end there might be an action meeting 100% of your needs.

Due to the high practical relevance of our sales trainings, our attendees understand and learn our approaches very quickly, they also know how to implement them skilfully and targeted. No matter whether you are experienced sales professional or an office worker who has never sold anything – we will provide you with the adequate tools.

Why other training formats are not sustainable enough

In our sales trainings, we will jointly reach your objective.

Just make sure you work on the broadening of your lane and we will support you in doing so. Let us be your partner for measurable Sales Excellence.

Customer satisfaction was, is and will always be our greatest motivation.

Are you planning a sales training?

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