Cross-selling and up-selling

Training program Cross-selling and Up-selling

The final decision to buy is based on the customer’s confidence. If he has already bought one of your products, this is a vote for confidence and a clear signal of continued confidence.

In our cross-selling & up-selling sales training we aim to activate this sales potential. Our aim is to teach the attendees cautiousness and to analyse the customer’s situation based on that in order to actively provide him with suitable products or improvements.

In order to pass on these skills, we have developed a comprehensive format that addresses all decisive details of cross-selling and up-selling. Let alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS support you in expanding your business model, helping you identify concealed sales potential.


Cross-selling aims at offering suitable additional products to the customer. If he buys a drilling machine, this will create the need for screws, dowels, new drill bits etc.

Many companies do not take this opportunity sufficiently serious.

And yet, the conclusion is obvious: In selling a certain product, they will create a whole range of options. Missing this opportunity is not acceptable to us.

Where else do we get a chance to actively influence the customer’s needs? And this is where we from alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS start: The trust, which made the customer buy your product, may now be used to successfully offer the corresponding peripherals. We are sure that this approach will have a great impact on your sales.

This way you will have the opportunity to effectively expand the scope of selling a product.


The method of up-selling is based on the same idea as the one of cross-selling. Here too, the options resulting from the purchase of your product will be shown to the customer. Nevertheless, we are not talking about the additional products and/or peripherals but rather about an improvement of the product that has already been sold.

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Up-selling: The masterpiece in sales

A typical example for up-selling is a fee-based software update. In this case, the customer owns the corresponding product, but decides on buying a new and comprehensive version. Our attendees shall understand the way to successfully introduce such update to the customer.

Mutual understanding for more sales opportunities

In this sales training we want to activate additional sales potential and offer higher quality services using specific techniques and procedures.

In practice, this will only work if the customer is convinced of such resales and higher sales.

Implementing this will be difficult and this is where our attendees will notice the effect of our training. As in any of our sales trainings, we want to intensify the collaboration between the buyer and the seller, thereby making it more productive.

The better you get to know the customer on business level, the more opportunities you have to definitely identify his needs. At the end of the way, there is always the perfect understanding for the customer’s specific business model. We trust that we are able to significantly facilitate this way to your staff. Based on this, the contents of these cross-selling and up-selling trainings will show their full effect. This way, the attendees will be able to filter real purchasing signals and motivations and to effectively implement in successful sales.

Thanks to specially developed interview techniques, you will be able to dig out the customer’s true wishes and to develop compelling arguments for additional or higher-value products from these which means selling without pressure but with honest conviction. This is the approach of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS.

You should make sure to engage in genuine communication with your customer in order to honestly convince him of your product.

Cross-selling and up-selling in practice

Exploit the opportunities of cross-selling and up-selling

  • Sellers underestimate the opportunities of cross-selling and up-selling
  • Successfully overcome prejudices

How to systematically plan your cross-selling and up-selling actions

  • Do not leave anything to chance – systematically refer to potentials
  • Efficient planning is key to succes

Possibilities of identifying the customer’s needs

  • Exploit other techniques besides the questioning technique
  • From the need to specific requirement

Recognize purchasing signals and purchasing motivations

  • Listen and watch – the customer will reveal more than he wants to
  • Transforming the signals identified into successful sales


Arguments for proactive cross-selling and up-selling

  • Developing convincing arguments
  • Selling without pressure – communication with the customer

Supporting purchasing decisions in a targeted way

  • Targeted removal of objections without losing the customer
  • Do not talk down purchase decisions that have been taken

Strengthening self-confidence

  • Expertise of the seller in a cross-selling and up-selling situation
  • Specifically employ non-verbal signals

Binding agreement at the end of a sales pitch

  • Define specific agreements – even if nothing was bought
  • Professional and empathic use of closing techniques

Concept creation

Take advantage of the experience of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and request an individual concept.

Productivity in any situation

To ensure this approach from the beginning to the end of a sales pitch, we will also address the task of productively deal with the customer’s objections and prejudices in this sales training. Understanding the situation, the relation to the customer can be deepened as opposed to the unnecessary loss of the customer.

Those who impartially and honestly accept criticism will be able to adapt further products or services more precisely to the needs of the customer. We believe that a tailor-made solution can never be provided without really understanding the customer’s objections. Therefore, each sales pitch presents a process that should end with a productive partnership. We want to enable our attendees to create trust between the buyer and the seller that results in the seller being self-confident. Because this is the only way to create sustainable channels of cross-selling and up-selling that can be used by your employees in order to to successfully sell the products. We are able to provide this support to you.

Invest in your employees so that you don’t leave these additional sales potentials unexploited and miss them.

Take advantage of those potentials and increase your profits at the end of the way.

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