Successful telephone-training

Training program: Increasing the Performance by conversational skills on the phone

  • You want to increase your closure rate?
  • You want to increase customer satisfaction?
  • You generally want to increase productivity in the field of phone calls?

A clear definition of your individual targets will enable us to define focused contents of our trainings

Combined with a site visit to your company and test calls we can form a detailed picture of your specific problems. It is only following this intensive analysis of the requirements that we can design the training and implement it according to your needs. This is the only way to get our attendees on the right track leading to their destination without unnecessary detours. Because this is the intention of all training courses of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS: To achieve your objectives using the most efficient methods.

Key learnings

  • How to proceed/what conversational skills to employ on the phone?
  • What is the quality of the call and which rules do apply?
  • What is the logic of an argumentation, how to deal with objections and what closing techniques to employ?
  • Which emotional amplifiers shall be used?
  • What are the most efficient linguistic effects?
  • What is the overall grade of conviction and sovereignty of a phone call?
  • What process steps are to be taken in a phone call?
  • What are the factors critical for success to achieve the targets?

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Unfortunately, we often find that these kinds of preliminary considerations are only taken at a late stage or not at all.

At least not to this extent. Often, the subject matter is being approached such that the customer is not implied and the individual concept is being conducted with blinkers on.

As far as we are concerned, this is the wrong way forward. This is why collaboration is essential to us in order to implement your targets based on your specific requirements. This is what we – and our customers – benefit from: We are able to systematically align the training to them and the customer is able to measure the way and extent of changes in the relevant areas.

And what is the final benefit of telephone training? What is the return on investment?

Key issues to provide a clear picture of the benefits of our training program.

Possible targets

  • Increase of the closure rate
  • Increase in telephone agreements
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Increase in productivity – number of calls processed/reduction of waiting periods
  • Increase of customer satisfaction by higher call quality


Concept creation

Take advantage of the experience of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and request an individual concept.

No successful training without sustainable implementation

Of course, the implementation of the training content must be ensured in real day-to-day operations. This is why we seek to offer a most intensive telephone training by providing interaction and hands-on content. This will create an environment where the attendees have to deal with specific situations and stand up to the test. Because the greatest risk of any training is to provide attendees with technical skills without the ability of implementing them in real life.

This is a big mistake that will result in the customers being unsatisfied.

We at alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS actively avoid this mistake but allow our attendees a fluent transition back to the daily routine on the phone by providing practical exercises and unexpected situations.

Our trainings are no less demanding than every-day business.

To constantly hold up the motivation of the attendees during the training, we use the latest training methods of this area. Our staff is constantly looking for new productive systems that increase the efficiency of our training. Only those who continuously gain further qualifications in this area can update attendees of the training in relation to telephone acquisition, sales-oriented internal sales force and call center activities.

Telephone trainings: possible topics

Telephone acquisition

There is no other sales area where the first impression is so crucial. This is why telephone acquisition represents one of the biggest challenges in active sales. If your voice, choice of words and arguments do not immediately convince, the chance of winning the customer is only very low. These are the points our attendees will train in order to enable them to create a positive initial contact with the person, ensure he is attentive and professionally place a message without being indiscreet.

Sales-oriented internal sales force

In many companies, internal sales staff still deals with administrative or bureaucratic tasks. We believe that a professionally instructed inside sales person is able to work much more extensively and can thus reinforce sales.

Therefore, your inside sales could address inactive customers in a targeted way and even systematically support the acquisition of new customers. If the inside sales is actively involved in sales this will result in new sales potentials. We want to teach these competencies to your staff.

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We support and advise you in planning your training!

Call Center Training

Concerning our special call center training, we have developed techniques and practices that have already achieved great success in the field of inbound and Outbound high quality interviewing.

We are convinced to be able to positively impact the conversational behaviour of our attendees by this training and to achieve a measurable increase in performance. This is possible due to our extensive experience in this area and our detailed knowledge of the special features. In recent years, we have trained many agents and managers and could identify regular improvements of the sales figures.

Long-lasting support

In addition to this finely selected and professionally implemented training content, we offer individual phone coaching at your workstation.

This is to ensure that transfer of the training to the usual working environment is not prohibited.

We believe to enable a maximum implementation of the content into everyday work. Particularly in telephone training, this transfer to reality is crucial.

For this reason we additionally provide your employees with so called transfer calls initiated by us during a certain period of time in order to seal the long-lasting support. We have developed this approach to be able to apply more specific training contents of the telephone training to an unexpected conversation and to practice it.

Just as it happens in real life in case of direct customer contact.
The results of such transfer calls will of course be discussed in depth with the trainer to show each participant the way to efficiently implement the training content on his/her workstation.

Ideally, a control call will be rather short, because due to the telephone training, the participant has reached a performance level that satisfies the training and – of course – you.

Are you planning a telephone training?

We are happy to help you!

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