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Confidence by inspiration

The creation of an inspiring atmosphere where employees can develop the individual need to increase their performance and to progress is motivated by successful leadership. The most important feature of modern leadership is to generate an emotional connection between the team and the company and the objectives of the business model, in order to enable true collaboration. This requires confidence and respect concerning the strategies and working methods of the manager.

Managment tools and social skills for leadership in sales

If the employees are not convinced of his person and his approach, it will be very difficult for the manager to lead his team to ever better results and to generate the necessary momentum required to successfully implement change and new ideas.

Our leadership training for the sales area will enable the attendees to do this: Master the necessary social skills and management tools to fully understand and sustainably practice leadership within sales with all of its characteristics and challenges.

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Leadership in sales: Understanding the characteristics of sales

Managers in sales can only be successful if the understand the kind of management that is motivating and effective for this environment. The differences compared to a traditional corporate and/or office environment are bigger than one would believe. In customer contact, sales employees mostly work independently and follow individual strategies in terms of acquisition and sales. A manager interfering too much in this independent working process resulting in a feeling of limitation and lacking self-determination can cause a devastating impact on the internal climate and particularly on the success of the business model.

Most of all, sales employees want to work independently.

Training that is fully tailored to leadership in sales

In most cases, self-determination is the reason why sales experts want to access this profession and is therefore an irrevocable part of their personality. A manager trying to fight this and wishing to expand his influence to the smallest detail will not succeed but, from experience, achieve the opposite.

The sales trainers from alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS know that from their long-term experience and this is why they arranged this format in a way that fits one hundred percent to the specific relationship between sales staff and sales management.

Positive feedback from former attendees and the corresponding sales figures confirm our approach to leadership in sales.

Concept creation

Take advantage of the experience of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and request an individual concept.

Leadership in sales: Content of the program

Role and tasks of the sales manager

  • Description of the tasks and putting the in practice
  • Defining priorities and working on the core of the concept

Expectations of the sales Manager

  • How do sales reps think about leadership?
  • Strict prevention of demotivation – the deadly sins

Agree on motivating Targets

  • Exceeding last year’s results – is it still possible?
  • Special target agreement in sales

Planning, controlling and monitoring processes to achieve the targets

  • Controlling is not everything – but without it nothing will work
  • Finding the right measure and not to lose staff

Comprehensive information for the sales staff

  • Communication in leading sales teams
  • Mistakes to be avoided

Tangible and intangible rewards

  • When should that be done?
  • Is there anything better than paying a bonus?

Methods to be employed in case of difficult behaviour

  • How to deal with middle and low performers
  • Successfully hold a critical discussion with sales reps

Motivation following a failure

  • Review of failures
  • Ways out of the Valley of Tears

Change of perspective in leadership in sales

In our view it is essential that such format not only deals with the attendees’ perspective, namely managers, but mainly conveys the way of leading employees in sales. Based on this, the corresponding tools to achieve the perfect grade of control (i.e. minimal invasive and yet clear and sustainable) in sales. These are proven tools that will be expanded on a regular basis and adapted by our trainers to new findings and developments from leadership psychology.

Master the independence of sales

Especially in sales, it is crucial not to fight against individual preferences and dislikes of the employees and to obstinately push through one’s own leadership role but rather to make use of the characteristics of the sales environment and to interactively work with them, to support the independence of the team and defend the staff while keeping hold of the reins.

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Identification with the requirements instead of demotivation

This is precisely what we want to convey to our attendees: The ability to efficiently communicate targets and requirements that will cause the employees to identify with them and to understand why the manager considers certain processes a good idea and others as adjustable or outdated.

This is the only way to prevent demotivation and to proactively and with a committed team deal with the continuous pressure in the entire sales sector.

Leadership in sales has to be learned – especially in difficult situations

This also includes a balanced system of rewards for outstanding work such as the intelligently dealing with critical discussion with staff whose results are simply not convincing. This is the difference between unqualified and professionally qualified managers.

If an employee does not achieve the expected level of performance, proper tools are needed for troubleshooting and implementing improvements in everyday activities.

For those who have never learned such methods it will be very difficult to maintain a leadership role in sales. To avoid this, an additional pillar of this special training format shall represent troubleshooting methods as well as essential strategies of motivation following deceptions and failures.

Leadership needs preparation

alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS always seek to prepare our attendees for difficult and challenging situations and to convey the necessary strategies that will allow them to remain lucid and to have clear answers to complex questions at hand.

Leadership in sales: Enabling a stable future by professional training

We want to directly bring out potentials in leaders participating in our training and indirectly in their staff.

A manager being able to create an encouraging atmosphere because he/she has learned it and is able to transpose the knowledge into practice can become part of the backbone of your business model and will influence the future development of your sales sector in a positive way by his/her impact on subordinate staff.

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