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The success of each company is based on the way Leadership is performed. For this reason, alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS has developed special training formats that exactly meet the requirements of modern Leadership.

Avoidance of the Peter-Principle

Successful leadership work is not simply created out of nothing. Often it is not created at all, as the manager is not prepared for the special responsibilities which inevitably go hand in hand with a leadership position. For this situation, an own technical term in business psychology has been created. The Peter-Principle, named after Laurence J. Peter, states that regularly those staff members having achieved especially good results in their area will progress in the organisation. Primarily there is nothing to be said against it. Performance must be rewarded – this is just obvious. Nevertheless, the fact that a higher position in a company mostly involves leadership tasks is often not taken into consideration. The corresponding employees may be absolutely professional in their area of activity, but they have never dealt with leadership of people. As expected, this regularly results in declines in sales, as the performance of each department is directly linked with the quality of its leadership. The figures of a sales performer may be twice or three times as good as those of his colleagues, but he may not have a clue about leadership. Even the opposite is often the case — particularly outstanding employees often act as lone fighters.

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The whole company will benefit from good leadership training

In order to compensate this and not to make the same mistake all over again, we recommend that new or established managers take part in a special training.

Because the whole organisation will benefit from an improvement in leadership qualities: The leaders themselves, because they will delegate their projects more effectively and thus lead them to success. The corresponding employees, since not only do they work more efficiently in a pleasant and productive environment but also healthier. Finally the company that will directly benefit from the resulting effects.


Sustainable leadership methods that can quickly be implemented in the daily work routine

Our approach is clearly defined: Better performance for your business model by intelligent leadership methods and modern strategies. Our trainers themselves have obtained many years of experience in leading positions and not only design our formats according to the latest standards of leadership psychology, but also to their personal insights. This results in a mixture that will challenge your staff but will always be authentic and comprehensible. The aim is to sustainably conduct leadership and to reliably implement the newly learned capabilities in the busy work routine.

Communication as a miracle weapon

The focus is on effective communication between the management level and the employees. Unfortunately, the focus is too often put on pure performance-enhancing strategies, which in theory might appear very useful, but that in practical implementation miss much of their effect. This is usually not due to the change of strategy itself but rather because of the way of top-down communication in many companies. Modern leadership not only considers staff as mere subordinates, which have to fulfil the set tasks but try to create a real team feeling far away from pure poster slogans.

Concept creation

Take advantage of the experience of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and request an individual concept.

Modern leadership involves the staff from the beginning

The key to this is the successful integration of staff expertise from the very beginning of a project. Employees shall not be presented with a fait accompli whenever the management has developed a strategy, but shall be integrated in the process right at the beginning of each project they are involved in. The result is an active participation and a genuine identification with the objectives of the company. It is against this background that modern leadership work must be conceived in order to survive in the future, this is our belief.

Our leadership trainings at a glance

Being aware of ones position in a healthy manner

The art is to create a real high-performance atmosphere that is not merely tolerated by the staff but that is borne by them. It is prerequisite to waken passion and enthusiasm in order to evoke involvement in the staff – far away from antiquated restrictions. Your leaders must be aware of the influence they exert by their position to be able to self-confidently lead on such a level. Active awareness of the opportunities and not only of the challenges that go hand in hand with a leadership role belongs to our training format at the same time as the understanding of the benefits of a contemporary, authentic leadership style.

Mental set-up: Self-confidence

There must be no false fear of the task, but the use of additional resources in the form of a team must be recognized and practised in a productive way. It is also about leadership techniques and skills that need to be applied to each situation and that will address the potential of the employees. This mental “set-up” will enable your leaders to progress showing true self-confidence and creating a target-orientated environment.

The future of human resources management at a glance

Training contents are always developed according to the tasks and the field of activity of the participants. This is the only way we will achieve a sustainable implementation within the real working environment of your company. Additionally, we will prepare our participants in order to target-oriented implement new challenges resulting from the continuous evolution of the market within their sphere of activity. This always includes the following “soft” topics that will always be part of the scope of duties of leadership positions:

  • Change management
  • Dealing with increasing complexity
  • Further development of empathy and social skills
  • Professional staff recruitment and retention
  • Management of demographic change and establishment of diversity
  • Considering an appropriate work-life-balance

All this and much more is part of the AVBC leadership training and will of course be designed according to your business model and/or the according department.

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