Coaching for improved performance in management and sales

Situations and contents for coaching

In many companies, coaching is becoming a constant parameter in human resources development. Professional coaching of managers and employees represents an important pillar in personality development of managers and employees.

Whether as team or individual coaching – weaknesses have to recognised, reduced and strengths have to expanded. By coaching this can be processed in a very individual way.

There are different occasions for coaching. This might concern communication skills or methodological skills.

Other occasions for coaching:

  • Request to reflect on certain questions
  • New professional tasks
  • Negative feedback
  • Preparation for assessment center / reorientation
  • Development / optimisation of leadership skills
  • Preparation of a speech
  • Improvement of my appearance /effect
  • Conflict Management
  • Promotion of a career
  • Lack of motivation
  • Boosting performance

In some cases, seminars or trainings do not provide an alternative to coaching as they take place in groups. This only rarely provides for individual counselling. Also, it lacks the confidentiality of a private discussion. Seminars and trainings pursue different objectives.

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Coaching – our principles

A coach can occupy many positions: Start helper, consultant, catalyst or trainer and often simply listener. And this is appropriate coaching: Supporting the customer on his way to the target. As such, the coach will provide tips, valuable suggestions or impulses.

First of all, coaching means “helping others to help themselves”. In general, the coach will use the technique of questioning to lead his customer to the appropriate solution. This is because people rather identify with their own ideas than with suggestions or advice of other people. Sometimes, the results of coaching do not present a new way to follow, but might be a confirmation of the current way of proceeding.

The staff coaching we offer:

  • Coaching program for sales representatives (field and indoor sales
  • Direct on-the-job support for implementation
  • Support to field sales (i.e. joint customer visit)
  • Trade fair coaching

We often integrate coaching as a complement/support in our sales programs. In this we pursue the following objectives:

  • Clarification of individual questions of the attendees concerning the content of the previous workshop
  • Resolving blockades and/or inhibitions of actively work on acquisitions
  • Clarification of a modern/contemporary (self-)concept (i.e. a new task)
  • Working on specific formulations, strategies and dealing with objections in sales
  • DOING, instead of talking … (motivation to approach matters such as having an acquisitioning phone call
  • Agree on activities – what has to be finalised by the next meeting

Concept creation

Take advantage of the experience of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and request an individual concept.

Leadership coaching

We provide leadership coaching for any level of leadership. This depends on the individual requirements of the manager.

For leaders, we realise:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Management Coaching
  • Strategy Coaching
  • Presentation and speech Coaching

Should you require any information do not hesitate asking us – we will advise you by using our experience in successful coaching actions.

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